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With over 70 percent of people surveyed stating they were less than satisfied the last time they sold a property, it is not surprising you are searching for a new agent. Chidiac Realty retains skilled sales people who offer proven advice and consistently deliver positive results.


Our team of sales agents are ready to assist you whenever you need them. We are dedicated to serving our clients and will always ensure that you receive nothing less than exceptional service. Open 7 days a week, contact us we’re ready to help you today.


Just as important as having an agent that understands the market and the buyers, is having an agent who has the knowledge to provide you with sound advice so that you can make informed decisions. To get the right advice, from appraisal to settlement, contact our sales team today.

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What most agents will not admit is that properties that are presented right will usually sell themselves. Well-presented homes often sell for record breaking prices. This happens because buyers fall in love with your home, not your agent. When you sell your property with Chidiac Realty, you will receive details on what buyers in your market look for and how to attract buyers that will pay top dollar for your home.

Don't waste $1,000's on marketing

In case you haven't heard everything has moved online. In fact over 4 million Australians visit online property sites each month. And with print readership decreasing at such significant rates why do landlords continue to pour thousands in marketing costs down the drain? Our associates will show you how to get the most out of your marketing budget without compromising on exposure.


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The essential skill of every highly successful agent

Negotiation is arguably the most important aspect of selling your home and it means the ability to draw every dollar out the property and ensure not a dollar is left behind. It is an art that is perfected overtime and you should feel confident that when listing you property that your agent has honed their negotiation skills. Put our negotiation skills to the test right now and contact
our sales team.


Our agents will walk you through the whole process providing you with regular updates and feedback along the way. With regular vendor reports and the ability to login and view key details about your property including number of enquiries, number people that have inspected the property, any offer made etc.

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"I would like to express how much I appreciate the efforts you put into leasing my apartment. It was impressive that you were able to fill the vacancy within less than 10 days."

Pamela Dilworth


We’re ready to get working for you right now! To find out why more property owners are choosing Chidiac Realty and to interview one of our professional sales agents fill in your details and we’ll be touch or alternatively give us a call on 02 9647 4303, we’re open 7 days.

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