High rents, good tenants
and great service

With our current vacancy rate under 1% and an average lease
time of 5 days, you're in good hands.

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If we can't lease your property within 14 days, we'll pay the rent ourselves!*

Is your property vacant? Do you worry about not being able to lease your property quickly? How does having your rental income guaranteed sound? For a nominal fee, we will guarantee to rent your property within 14 days or we will begin paying your rent ourselves, it's that simple.*

Dedicated and specialised property managers

Our team of property managers are ready to assist you whenever you need them. We are dedicated to serving our clients and will always ensure that your voice is important and heard. Open 7 days a week, you can be
sure to expect only the highest level of service from everyone in our team.

Expert advice tailored

No matter your situation, we will provide you with tailored, expert advice to help you achieve the best outcome possible. The residential rental industry is highly regulated and it's important to have property managers who understand the right way to deal with even the most difficult situations. From getting your property leased quickly, to handling difficult tenants, and even renovation ideas -we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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Putting more money in your back pocket

Concerned about repair & maintenance costs eating away your rent? Benefit from setting your own expenditure limit and our low cost contractors. When leasing your property, many investors aren't aware of the hidden costs that agents fail to disclose from the start. With a simple and upfront fee structure, you can rest assured there will never be any surprises.

Cutting-edge marketing

The key to successfully marketing property is ensuring your property is being seen at its the best, by the right audience. With us, your property is displayed on all major real estate websites with detailed
descriptions, strategic formatting and professional photos.


8 critical pitfalls

to avoid when leasing your property

In this FREE report, we reveal the 8 Critical Pitfalls
Anybody looking at renting their property
NEED to know and avoid, as you consider your options.

Keep track of your investment

Stay informed and up to date on the status and finer details of your investment. With our cloud drive software, you'll have your entire document history at your fingertips at all times which means instant access to your data from the palm of your hand.

"I would like to express how much I appreciate the efforts you put into leasing my apartment. It was impressive that you were able to fill the vacancy within less than 10 days."

Pamela Dilworth

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We’re ready to get working for you right now! To find out why more property investors are choosing Chidiac Realty and to interview one of our professional property manager fill in your details and we’ll be touch or alternatively give us a call on 02 9647 4303, we’re open 7 days.

We respect your privacy and promise never to rent or share your details with anybody without your consent.